ACCEO is founded on a simple goal:

To provide independent support and guidance for owners and managers in the technical management of their buildings.
Our commitment: Making regulations into an opportunity. A chance to increase your security, peace of mind, performance and comfort. To ensure lasting financial savings and enhance your property. 

When we succeed, so do our customers, and that's what sets us apart.

Founding chairman.

Our objectives

Constant support

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Needs analysis

To ensure that our projects are perfectly adapted to your needs and requirements.

On-site auditing

For an accurate understanding of the specific features of the site and targeted decision making.

Solution finding

To improve performance and save money by complying with regulations.

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To independently choose the right service providers at the right price and define the scope of their work.

Management & Acceptance

To guarantee the perfect implementation of services.

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Operations Assessment & Monitoring

To achieve your

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ACCEO Group Presentation


An unconventional building engineering firm

ACCEO is a building engineering firm specialising in highly technical fields. Since 2003, we have been independently supporting our customers in the areas of lifts, vertical transportation, disabled access, energy efficiency and asbestos. To guarantee high quality services, each of our tasks is managed by an independent department. These specialised departments each have their own technical team, experts and tools, and benefit from shared abilities and experience.

Our objectives are to ensure safety and regulatory compliance, to improve the performance of your buildings and installations, to reduce your operating costs and enhance your property.


Your satisfaction at the heart of our concerns


    ACCEO Accessibility lives up to expectations. Very good methods, strong proposals. Regular follow-ups with indicators. ACCEO stays up to date with legal matters to provide accurate predictions. The service is tailored to suit the objectives and deadlines provided.

    - CEAPC -
  • Vitré  Hospital

    Based on my personal experience with a wide range of service providers, I noted three qualities that really set ACCEO Lift apart: responsiveness, commitment and the quality of the work.

    - Vitré Hospital -
  • INRA

    A comprehensive and high-quality service.

    - INRA -
  • Béarnaise Habitat

    ACCEO Lift managed and monitored the modernisation of several lifts on our property, ensuring the work met professional standards and our requirements.

    - Béarnaise Habitat -
  • Lodève

    I particularly appreciated the professionalism of the contributors and the clarity of the reports.

    - Lodève -
  • Nexity – Mérignac

    The energy audit of Association Mérignac Ville was carried out by ACCEO with a focus on quality, professionalism, attentiveness, availability and interpersonal skills.

    - Nexity – Mérignac -
  • René PLEVEN Hospital

    Remarkable skills and project management assistance.

    - René PLEVEN Hospital -
  • Immobilière 3F

    ACCEO Elevation completed each of our projects to perfection.

    - Immobilière 3F -
  • Alizés Immobilier

    The professionalism and availability of the Montpellier team was greatly appreciated!!!

    - Alizés Immobilier -
  • Cabinet Auriol

    Given my positive opinion, I have nothing more to add.

    - Cabinet Auriol -
  • Cabinet Henry

    The quality and availability of their representatives was greatly appreciated.

    - Cabinet Henry -
  • Cabinet Morel & Henry

    Attentive, professional, rigorous.

    - Cabinet Morel & Henry -
  • Cabinet SGI

    Very professional engineers.

    - Cabinet SGI -
  • Lannion Hospital

    The Lift team were extremely cohesive, from auditing to preparing for consultations, and from assessing the tenders to monitoring the site.

    - Lannion Hospital -
  • Saint Malo Hospital

    We were completely satisfied with ACCEO Lift's auditing, work scheduling and monitoring of services regarding the compliance of the lifts at Saint Malo hospital.

    - Saint Malo Hospital -
  • Henri Duffaut Hospital

    The quality of your service is undeniable!

    - Henri Duffaut Hospital -
  • Trousseau Hospital - Paris

    ACCEO Lift has proven their responsiveness and ability to respond to our needs.

    - Trousseau Hospital - Paris -
  • Poitier University Hospital

    Communication with the commercial and technical staff was excellent.
    The services provided lived up to our expectations, both in terms of the presentation and the preparation of the file, as well as the monitoring of the work.

    - Poitier University Hospital -
  • Citya Béranger

    Quality work, highly appreciated by the members of the Co-ownership Board, the residents and our service team. We would use ACCEO again.

    - Citya Béranger -
  • Grand Avignon

    Don't change anything, the service is top quality...

    - Grand Avignon -
  • Plaine du Rhin

    ACCEO completely understood our needs.

    - Plaine du Rhin -
  • Bourges National School of Art

    Without going into too much detail, the service provided met our expectations perfectly...

    - Bourges National School of Art -
  • EDF

    Impressive knowledge and expertise!!

    - EDF -
  • Gironde habitat

    The representatives are very involved, professional and competent. Thank you!!!

    - Gironde habitat -
  • Logirem

    ACCEO Energy's methods exceeded our expectations.
    Their thorough work allowed them to provide straightforward and accurate recommendations.

    - Logirem -
  • Craon

    We are very happy with the auditing service. The reports are clear, precise, interactive and actionable. The presentation to the elected representatives was clear and convincing.

    - Craon -
  • Rethel

    RAS - The project went very smoothly.

    - Rethel -
  • Oissel

    Great work!

    - Oissel -
  • Vallogis

    Very good communication, sense of trust, professional contributors, quality work.

    - Vallogis -
  • Clermont Ferrand Airport

    Thorough and competent representatives. Well done!

    - Clermont Ferrand Airport -

    I appreciated the responsiveness of Mr C. and his associates. ACCEO's services played an essential role in the smooth operation of the initial voting process and the subsequent work.

    - PICHET -
  • Savills

    Good communication, listened to our needs.

    - Savills -
  • Mérindol

    I don't have anything more to add, other than to stick with your associates—they're great.

    - Mérindol -
  • Louise de Marillac School

    I've already recommended ACCEO Accessibility to my colleagues.

    - Louise de Marillac School -

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