Asbestos surveys, monitoring and strategy

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Specialising in asbestos remediation, ACCEO Asbestos will support you though the management and monitoring of the risks linked to asbestos.

As an engineering firm specialising in asbestos, our teams are made up of specialists with experience in the field (Architects, Site Managers for asbestos disposal, Health and Safety Coordinators, Auditors, etc.) who carry out projects that bring together their strategic asbestos assessment with asbestos project management, as well as the management of the Asbestos Technical File.

Our commitments: Preventing and managing the risks linked to asbestos, compliance with regulations, ensuring user safety, reducing costs and delays, etc.

Whether you own or manage a property with asbestos and are carrying out maintenance work, renovations, or even demolitions, our experts will manage your asbestos problem from A to Z. They will analyse, coordinate and manage the entire asbestos remediation process, from the identification of problem areas and the preparatory phases to the supervision and monitoring of the site.

What sets us apart: an integrated R&D department developing innovative operating procedures. Accurate working methods that generate savings. Reliable, safe and specially designed tools (Microphazir, hydrogel, etc.). Analysis results within 72 hours and the ACCEO Site Shutdown to limit stoppages caused by asbestos. Specialist auditors who are authorised to enter the area.

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Technical team

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To guarantee a high-quality service, peace of mind and savings, ACCEO Asbestos includes a dedicated independent technical team, with a particular focus on research and development. 

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    Marien CELLETTE

    Asbestos Business Director

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    Marie DUMAINE

    Business Manager - Technical Studies

The technical management team strives to keep the field teams up to date with any technical or regulatory developments and shares the innovative methods created by the Research Department.

On a local level, the ACCEO Asbestos technical teams are made up of asbestos auditors with over 10 years' experience in the field. It is this knowledge and experience, combined with our technical and regulatory expertise, that makes ACCEO Asbestos an innovative player in the field of asbestos risk management.

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