Accessibility Training

For true disability awareness

Located throughout France, ACCEO Accessibility's team of specialists has led several hundred projects over the past 3 years, and audited more than 25,000 establishments.
Now project owners can take advantage of this expertise thanks to our training courses on "Disabled access in the built environment". As a training organisation, ACCEO Accessibility helps you stay on top of your training costs.

Training sessions are provided on our premises, or, depending on the chosen programme, in the participants' own facilities.

Intra-organisational Disabled Accessibility training

Disabled access in the built environment (1/2 day to 2 days)

ACCEO Accessibility organises internal training days throughout the year for various organisations (Companies, Associations, Local Authorities, etc.) on accessibility in the built environment.

This disability training is based on the following objectives:

  • To understand the various disability issues and user needs,
  • To analyse the property's shortcomings,
  • To implement the appropriate technical products/solutions according to the established accessibility guidelines. 

Acceo Accessibility

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