Lifts, automatic doors & escalators

For peace of mind and optimised installations.

Specialising in consulting on lifts, automatic doors and escalators, ACCEO Lift (formerly A2C Conseil) provides independent support for the management of your installations.

Recommended by public and private customers alike, as well as other industry professionals, ACCEO Lift is the largest lift engineering firm in France, both in terms of number of employees and turnover.

All of our projects are driven by the following goals: improved quality of service, reduced operating costs and compliance with regulations.

A team of technical experts and specialised technicians are at your service throughout Europe, distributed among our 16 branches. They are widely recognised in the field of vertical transport, boasting almost 15 years' experience in the world of lifts.

To maintain a consistent level of commitment and quality, ACCEO Lift has developed ongoing training modules led by lift experts with nearly 25 years' experience. They work to stay up to date with regulations and technology, and are members of COPREC, COFNA and AFNOR.

We also provide methods and tools that ensure your peace of mind, including breakdown monitoring and real-time interventions, reservation monitoring, management of operating budgets and the Pandora Ascenseur© interface.

Pandora Lift© is an innovative reporting tool developed by ACCEO to optimise the management of all your installations.

Our core tasks include Ongoing Operations Monitoring, Maintenance and Building Work Consultations, Contradictory Inventories, Expert Lift Assessment, Building Site Management and Building Work Acceptance.

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Your satisfaction at the heart of our concerns

  • Savills

    Good communication, listened to our needs.

    - Savills -
  • Vallogis

    Very good communication, sense of trust, professional contributors, quality work.

    - Vallogis -
  • Logirem

    ACCEO Energy's methods exceeded our expectations.
    Their thorough work allowed them to provide straightforward and accurate recommendations.

    - Logirem -
  • Gironde habitat

    The representatives are very involved, professional and competent. Thank you!!!

    - Gironde habitat -
  • EDF

    Impressive knowledge and expertise!!

    - EDF -
  • Bourges National School of Art

    Without going into too much detail, the service provided met our expectations perfectly...

    - Bourges National School of Art -
  • Poitier University Hospital

    Communication with the commercial and technical staff was excellent.
    The services provided lived up to our expectations, both in terms of the presentation and the preparation of the file, as well as the monitoring of the work.

    - Poitier University Hospital -
  • Trousseau Hospital - Paris

    ACCEO Lift has proven their responsiveness and ability to respond to our needs.

    - Trousseau Hospital - Paris -
  • Henri Duffaut Hospital

    The quality of your service is undeniable!

    - Henri Duffaut Hospital -
  • Saint Malo Hospital

    We were completely satisfied with ACCEO Lift's auditing, work scheduling and monitoring of services regarding the compliance of the lifts at Saint Malo hospital.

    - Saint Malo Hospital -
  • Lannion Hospital

    The Lift team were extremely cohesive, from auditing to preparing for consultations, and from assessing the tenders to monitoring the site.

    - Lannion Hospital -
  • Cabinet SGI

    Very professional engineers.

    - Cabinet SGI -
  • Cabinet Henry

    The quality and availability of their representatives was greatly appreciated.

    - Cabinet Henry -
  • René PLEVEN Hospital

    Remarkable skills and project management assistance.

    - René PLEVEN Hospital -
  • Béarnaise Habitat

    ACCEO Lift managed and monitored the modernisation of several lifts on our property, ensuring the work met professional standards and our requirements.

    - Béarnaise Habitat -
  • INRA

    A comprehensive and high-quality service.

    - INRA -

Technical team

for a high level of expertise

To guarantee a high-quality service, ACCEO Lift includes a dedicated independent technical team.

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    Catherine ZUCCA

    General Manager of Operations

  • image

    Delphine CHERIFI

    Executive Assistante

On a local level, the ACCEO Lift technical teams are made up of technical specialists and technical auditors with more than 15 years' experience in the field of lifts. It is this experience and knowledge, combined with their ability to to take the specific features of each sector into account, that makes ACCEO Lift a major player in the field of vertical transportation.

They have access to all the latest generation digital tools, while the technical management team provides year-round training on technological and regulatory developments.

Acceo Lift

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