Asbestos Project Management & Project Management Assistance

Optimised and professional management of your asbestos work

To guarantee peace of mind and optimise the asbestos work in your buildings, we offer both Asbestos Project Management and Project Management Assistance.

From the preliminary technical assessment to the acceptance of the work, from drafting tender documents to selecting the service provider and methods, as well as building site management, we are committed to providing a quality service, complying with regulations and performance (technical and financial).


    • An integrated R&D department developing innovative operating procedures,
    • Reliable, safe and specially designed tools (Microphazir, hydrogel),
    • Total independence in terms of service providers,
    • Maximum responsiveness, with analysis results within 72 hours and the ACCEO Site Shutdown to limit stoppages caused by asbestos,
    • Specialist auditors who are authorised to enter the area,
    • Compliance with deadlines,
    • Minimal costs.


    For asbestos project management or project management assistance, our tasks can include:

    • An accurate and comprehensive asbestos assessment of your building,
    • Managing identification, testing and regulatory files,
    • Drafting a technical and financial asbestos work strategy,
    • Tender consultations, 
    • Management and monitoring of asbestos work,
    • Overseeing the visual examination of the treated surfaces,
    • Pre-acceptance with or without reservations,
    • Monitoring the removal of reservations and nonconformities
    For asbestos project management or project management assistance, our objective is to guarantee optimal management and peace of mind and to keep delays and costs under control.

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