Boiler Room Technical Audit

Improve the performance of your boiler room and reduce energy costs


Heat generation is one of the top expenditure items in the operation of a building. Making it as efficient as possible is therefore a fundamental concern for building managers and occupants.

The Boiler Room is at the very heart of this issue, in terms of:
  • Operation and obsolescence,
  • Recurring breakdowns,
  • Overconsumption and sizing,
  • The contents of the operating contract,
  • Maintenance services,
  • Regulatory compliance,
  • Possible/planned works and adaptations.
  • ...
    These factors open the way for numerous solutions to improve the performance of the installation and reduce the energy and operating costs:
    • Optimisation of the settings,
    • Flushing, balancing, monitoring the operations service provider, etc.,
    • Renegotiation of the operating contract,
    • Installation of the highest-performing equipment,
    • Renovations,
    • Change of energy supplier,


    In order to provide you with a useful decision-making tool, ACCEO Energy can carry out a Technical Audit of your boiler room, for a comprehensive analysis that allows you to:
    • identify possible malfunctions,
    • establish energy optimisation solutions,
    • improve occupant comfort,
    • guarantee the compliance of the installation,
    • generate maximum savings for minimal investments.


    Providing a thorough inventory, the ACCEO boiler room audit helps uncover the best solutions to improve the operation of your installation. It therefore includes: 

    • An evaluation of the current operating contract, 
    • An audit of the installations, 
    • An audit of the operations,
    • A compliance analysis,
    • Proposed solutions, accompanied by detailed cost estimates,
    • Plans for work to be carried out,
    • An evaluation of the predicted energy and financial savings after the work is completed.
    At the end of the audit, you will be presented with a comprehensive, exhaustive and informative report to allow you to make an objective decision on the actions to be taken.

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