Lift Viability Study

Choose the best installation for your building

The installation or replacement of a lift in a building is a major operation that requires an accurate preliminary study. 

The lift viability study assesses the building's potential for installation and defines the parameters to be put in place to ensure the equipment is efficient, as well as to optimise its operation and minimise installation and operating costs.
Conducted by an ACCEO Elevation Consultant, our study is approved by an architect.


Once the on-site survey has been carried out by the ACCEO Elevation Expert, the lift viability study will provide the following information:

  • the type of lift to be installed,
  • the minimum surface area of the lift cabin,
  • the planned control system,
  • pre-installation plans and sketches,
  • plans and sketches of future arrangements: sectional view, plan view of each level, machinery,
  • lift-specific construction work,
  • ancillary work,
  • financial estimates for the various units,
  • provisional work schedule,
  • future maintenance costs.
Thanks to the precision of our methods and our experience with more than 700 installations, the ACCEO viability study helps you understand the best solution to optimise the operation of your building and the associated costs.

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