Accessibility for people with disabilities

How should I optimise the accessibility adaptations on my buildings?

Today disabilities are a vital consideration in the field of building management. This societal principle and associated regulatory approach have given rise to a motto: "accessibility for everywhere and everyone".

As an engineering firm specialising in disabled access in the built environment and on the roads, ACCEO Accessibility (formerly A2CH) provides support regarding regulations and the optimisation of building accessibility adaptations.

We follow the movement of users, taking into account all types of disabilities, including motor, mental and psychological disabilities, as well as visual and hearing impairments.

Our accessibility consultants will be at your side for every stage of your project, from accessibility auditing to accessibility project management, through to the implementation of Accessibility program and completion of administrative procedures.

The ACCEO Accessibility department is founded on 4 pillars:

  • Efficient spending, by staying up to date with technical and regulatory developments. 
  • The abilities of our experts, who are also recognised accessibility trainers.
  • Our multi-site project experience, which has strengthened our expertise thanks to the variety of stakeholders and different types of work involved.
  • The quality of our tools, both accurate and reliable, which allow us to provide the best solutions and manage the accessibility adaptations to your buildings thanks to our Pandora Accessibility© application.

An engineering firm specialising in disabled access, ACCEO is Project Management Assistance certified by OPQIBI for disability considerations (0111) and for engineering relating to the accessibility of buildings and public spaces for people with disabilities (1908). These qualifications recognise ACCEO Accessibility's expertise and its consultants' abilities in terms of Project Management Assistance and Accessibility Project Management.

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Your satisfaction at the heart of our concerns

  • Louise de Marillac School

    I've already recommended ACCEO Accessibility to my colleagues.

    - Louise de Marillac School -
  • Mérindol

    I don't have anything more to add, other than to stick with your associates—they're great.

    - Mérindol -
  • Oissel

    Great work!

    - Oissel -
  • Rethel

    RAS - The project went very smoothly.

    - Rethel -
  • Craon

    We are very happy with the auditing service. The reports are clear, precise, interactive and actionable. The presentation to the elected representatives was clear and convincing.

    - Craon -
  • Plaine du Rhin

    ACCEO completely understood our needs.

    - Plaine du Rhin -
  • Grand Avignon

    Don't change anything, the service is top quality...

    - Grand Avignon -
  • Poitier University Hospital

    Communication with the commercial and technical staff was excellent.
    The services provided lived up to our expectations, both in terms of the presentation and the preparation of the file, as well as the monitoring of the work.

    - Poitier University Hospital -
  • Henri Duffaut Hospital

    The quality of your service is undeniable!

    - Henri Duffaut Hospital -
  • Lodève

    I particularly appreciated the professionalism of the contributors and the clarity of the reports.

    - Lodève -

    ACCEO Accessibility lives up to expectations. Very good methods, strong proposals. Regular follow-ups with indicators. ACCEO stays up to date with legal matters to provide accurate predictions. The service is tailored to suit the objectives and deadlines provided.

    - CEAPC -

Technical team

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To guarantee efficient spending and total compliance with regulations, ACCEO Accessibility has an independent and multidisciplinary technical team.

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    Marie PROST

    Business Development Manager

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    Régis LOISEAU

    Accessibility Business Director

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    Fella AMROUCHE


On a local level, the ACCEO Accessibility technical teams are made up of Accessibility Consultants and Auditors with more than 5 years' professional experience in the field of accessibility. Their knowledge and ability to take the specific features of each sector and each building into account are what makes ACCEO Accessibility a major player in the field of accessibility for people with disabilities.

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