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Photo of Stéphane Doré, Chairman and Founder of the ACCEO Group Building engineering firm, in his office

It all started on 2 July 2003 in Aubagne (France), when Stéphane Doré, founding chairman, created A2C (ACCEO Lift), one of the original departments of the ACCEO Group, specialising in vertical transportation engineering (assessment, inspection and project management assistance for lifts and all vertical transportation installations).

In 2007, the emerging market based around the technical inspection of lifts led A2C to separate its inspection and design activities. A9C (ACCEO Elevation) was therefore created in May 2007, followed by A2CH (ACCEO Accessibility) in September, a building engineering firm specialising in disabled access for existing buildings.

The synergy between these three areas of activities is one of the main reasons for the creation of ACCEO Accessibility, with vertical transportation remaining one of the most complex areas in terms of disabled access.

In 2010, during the discussions on the Grenelle 2 law, and before the law requiring an energy audit for multi-family residential buildings, public access buildings and commercial buildings came into effect, ACCEO expanded once again with the creation of E2C (ACCEO Energy).

In 2017, the ESA (Expertise Solutions Amiante) engineering firm joined ACCEO to create ACCEO Asbestos.

No matter the area of activity, the group was formed first and foremost to respond to a simple need expressed by building owners and managers: To be guided and supported in the technical management of complex issues relating to their property. In this context, the objective of the group has always been to deliver an independent and high-quality service that enhances both the performance of the installations and their customers' peace of mind.

Today, ACCEO is a building engineering firm recognised for its work in performance improvements to existing buildings.

Our values

Excellence at the heart of our procedures

ACCEO's success is founded on a long list of values: Professionalism, Dynamism, Independence, Reciprocity, Education.

It is very important to the group that all employees believe in these values and are committed to a common goal: developing and maintaining a business model based on quality work, looking beyond immediate profits.

Moreover, the company is driven by a core objective: Helping our customers to make regulations into an opportunity to enhance their buildings. Increase security, performance and comfort to achieve lasting financial savings.

The ACCEO group bases its success on that of its customers, using this win-win relationship to grow and evolve. This fundamental principle of reciprocity is applied both inside and outside the group.

Management and support team

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    Stéphane DORE


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    ROLANDO Camille

    Business Area Director

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    Catherine ZUCCA

    General Manager of Operations

  • image

    Matthieu LE DREZEN

    Sales Director

  • image

    Aymeric CREGUT

    Elevation Business Director

  • image

    Mickael TERROM

    Energy Business Director

  • image

    Marien CELLETTE

    Asbestos Business Director

  • image

    Régis LOISEAU

    Accessibility Business Director

  • image

    Laurence RAMOS

    Human Resources Manager

  • image

    Yann MOREAU

    Director, Eastern Region

  • image

    Maxime DUPUY

    Marketing & Communication Director

  • image

    Olivier DEVEY

    Networks & Systems Manager

  • image

    Thibaut VICAIRE

    IT Developments Manager

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    HMNOP Architect

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    Gilles DUMONT

    Director, IDF Region

  • image

    Geoffrey DAVRINCHE

    Key Account Manager

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    Stéphane BLANC

    Administrative and Financial Manager

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    Julie BROSSARD

    Product Innovation Process Manager

ACCEO In figures

Proximity, Peace of mind, Expertise & Confidence

Satisfied customers
31 871 010€ Share capital
20 000 000€ Turnover
15 Years of existence
8 760Hours of training
6 000Customers
24 000Projects undertaken


For maximum proximity and constant support, ACCEO is 18 building design agencies, spread throughout France, Spain and Belgium.


    For a building inspection and engineering firm, quality is nothing without independence, conduct and ethics. These three fundamental values are shared by every member of the ACCEO Group. On joining the group, each associate signs a charter of conduct and ethics. Every associate is also bound by charters on independence and professional confidentiality.

    The concept of ethics can be a complex one, rooted in the abstract values of good and bad. For ACCEO, ethics is not just a label, or a gimmick to impress our customers. It is a value that we all sincerely share.

    The ACCEO Group's independence in relation to construction companies or project owners is well established. The rating system used for the tender evaluation process is shared by each department of the group and recognised in both public and private markets. Moreover, we are proud to say that the share capital of the ACCEO Group and its subsidiaries is held primarily by its employees. 

    Excellence and competitiveness ARE compatible with honesty and integrity...

    Failure to respect ACCEO's core values falls under serious misconduct.


    The ACCEO group's Quality policy is based on two key elements:
    The recognition of methods and processes through accreditation and certificates awarded by external entities. 

    A practical Quality Policy through which each associate can identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Satisfaction surveys are sent to each of our customers at the end of every project, alongside the final invoice. 

    The results from the satisfaction surveys are used to monitor the customer satisfaction index for each department in the ACCEO Group. This index is used to award the annual incentive bonus to deserving associates.

  • environment

    The ACCEO Group's management team are dedicated to a policy of environmental protection. Since 2007, an ambitious policy has been implemented across all levels of the company. The ISO 14001 certification awarded in April 2008 by Bureau Véritas Quality International recognises the environment protection policies implemented within the ACCEO Group.

    The ACCEO Group's environmental protection policy is twofold:

    An internal policy governed by ACCEO's 10 green commandments. These good practices apply to all ACCEO Group employees.

    This policy is also implemented via the ZeroPapier project. Objective: minimise printing. 

    An external policy with a direct impact on ACCEO's engineering and management projects.

    In terms of Accessibility and Energy, the policy calls for the most environmentally friendly work solutions.

    For Lifts and Vertical Transportation, it is a question of choosing more energy-efficient lifts, rejecting permanent cabin lighting, and ensuring that builders recycle e-waste.

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