Renegotiation of gas, electricity and heating contracts

A source of financial savings


There are many elements to consider when negotiating your gas and electricity contracts to obtain financial savings:
  • What type of contract: Fixed price? Indexed? Which indexation formula? Which index value?
  • Are the different temporal/seasonal costs on offer adapted to my consumption profile?
  • Does the contract include routing or storage (for peak consumption)?
  • How are price changes accounted for (fixed, variable, choice of indexation variables, etc.)?
  • Which contract duration is the most advantageous?
  • What are the penalties in the event of early termination?
  • What are the billing and payment terms? Billing on estimates or actual readings?
  • What are the associated services? (Online customer interface, consumption monitoring, discrepancy alert, dedicated account representative, service resumption delays, multi-site contract management, green options, etc.),
  • ...


Created to guarantee a perfectly negotiated contract that suits your needs, our proven method allows you to renegotiate your gas and electricity contracts and reduce co-ownership costs:

  • Analysis of your needs and any specific site requirements,
  • Preparation of the tender documents with clear and complete specifications,
  • Tender consultations and technical and financial evaluation of the suppliers,
  • Delivery of a detailed tender evaluation report. 
ACCEO participates in each of the consultations to obtain at least 3 competing offers. According to the wishes of the co-ownership, we can consult up to 6 energy suppliers.

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