Accessibility Audit

The starting point for your journey to accessibility

    Today, these Accessibility Audits play a vital role in the implementation of Accessibility Program and mandatory accessibility works. Used to establish the appropriate accessibility adaptation methods for a given building, the accuracy of the audit is essential.

    A thorough accessibility audit of your buildings allows you to define the actions to be taken in order to best comply with accessibility regulations.


    • To comply with accessibility regulations,
    • To improve the operation of the building and user comfort,
    • To optimise the expenses linked to disabled access,
    • To predict and manage the accessibility adaptation budget,
    • To choose the right work at the right price.


    The ACCEO Accessibility Audit is designed to be as accurate and exhaustive as possible. It includes:

    • A pre-application phase,
    • An inventory and an accurate analysis of the accessibility of the buildings,
    • The necessary recommendations and calculation of their costs,
    • Proposed accessibility adaptation strategies,
    • A paper report offering an overview of the accessibility of your buildings in a format that is easy to read and understand,
    • A digital report to manage and implement the collected data.
    In order to deliver a quality service, our accessibility experts, who undergo constant training in accessibility regulations and technical developments, carry out their accessibility audits using cutting-edge computer tools. This allows them to implement a comprehensive survey based on the key regulatory issues.

    Acceo Accessibility

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