Technical Assessment of Automatic Doors and Escalators

For a complete and detailed evaluation of your installation

ACCEO carries out assessments of escalators and automatic doors for a complete and detailed understanding of the installation. 


    • To confirm the compliance of the installations with the applicable standards.
    • To offer an objective opinion on their general condition (obsolescence, compliance, safety).
    • To assess the maintenance carried out by your service provider and compliance with the contractual commitments.
    • To understand and accurately budget for regulatory works,
    • To understand and accurately budget for any additional work to improve the reliability or comfort of your installation.


      Our auditing method for escalators and automatic doors is based on 5 key services

      • Inspection of the components of the installation,
      • Assessing regulatory compliance,
      • Evaluating their state of preservation and operation,
      • Description and costing of the proposed work, 
      • Monitoring the removal of proposed reservations.

      ACCEO's assessment of escalators and automatic doors identifies the appropriate actions to ensure regulatory compliance and to optimise the operation of the equipment.

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