Road Accessibility Plan

Making roads and public spaces accessible

The Road Accessibility Plan is used by local authorities to identify and schedule the work required to ensure that the roads and public spaces are in compliance with the accessibility rules and technical requirements. It represents a useful pre-work decision-making tool for the town. 

The Road Accessibility Plan:
- highlights the mobility patterns to ensure the continuity of accessible pathways between the "key areas" of the town (facilities, public access buildings, public spaces, etc,),
- lays out the provisions to make the town's roads and public spaces accessible for people with disabilities.
- evaluates and prioritises development proposals.

Looking beyond the regulations, Road Accessibility Plan represents a starting point to create an accessibility strategy for the town. Its accuracy will dictate the optimisation and compliance of the completed work.


  • To comply with accessibility regulations,
  • To improve pedestrian traffic within the town,
  • To identify crossovers between routine work and accessibility work,
  • To optimise the expenses linked to disabled access,
  • To predict and manage the accessibility adaptation budget,
  • To choose the right work at the right price.


To obtain the most accurate results, allowing for the creation of the most appropriate work schedule, our method is founded on 4 key stages:

  • Preliminary information and awareness phase,
  • Definition of the scope and identifying mobility patterns (high-traffic routes/medium-traffic routes/low-traffic routes),
  • Assessment of the routes and mobility patterns,
  • Definition of implementation solutions.
In order to deliver a quality service, our accessibility experts, who undergo constant training in accessibility regulations and technical developments, carry out their accessibility audits using cutting-edge computer tools. This allows them to complete an exhaustive survey based on the key regulatory issues in terms of the accessibility of roads and public spaces.

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