Accreditations & Certificates

Quality, expertise and peace of mind

ACCEO holds numerous important certificates and quality labels in the field of building engineering and consulting (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OPQIBI, etc.).

ACCEO is recognised as a leading industry figure, playing a role in the definition of the regulatory framework through its involvement with various national bodies (AFNOR, COPREC, COFNA).

ACCEO also acts as a trainer (French Building Federation, National School of Roads and Bridges, SNCF).

Lastly, ACCEO is regularly invited to express its opinion to various public and private organisations. (Regular speaker at accessibility conferences and hospital engineering conventions, member of the Apogée association, etc).

  • ISO 9001 certification since 2007 
  • ISO 14001 certification since 2008
  • Accredited AFFB trainer in disabled access
  • Trainer for the French Building Federation
  • OPQBI certified since 2006 (Lifts, Disabled Access, Energy)
  • RGE Distinction – Recognised Guarantor of the Environment
  • Inter-Company Safety Group (GIES) level 2 accreditation (Chemical and industrial sites)
  • Risk prevention in nuclear facilities (Radiation workers/DATR)
  • Regulatory lift audit authorisation
  • Permanent member of the AFNOR lift commission
  • COFNA Advisor/Trainer (lift monitoring)
  • COPREC Advisor/Trainer
  • OPQBI member