Global Technical Diagnosis

Building management and regulatory compliance


For us, the Global Technical Diagnosis represents more than mere compliance with regulations; it is also a useful decision-making tool, which allows the co-ownership to:

  • understand their legal and regulatory duties,
  • anticipate maintenance requirements for the building and equipment,
  • identify the required work that will be absolutely necessary over the next 10 years, including preventative work and improvements,
  • adopt an optimised work programme, taking into account possible crossovers between the different types of work, that is adapted to the specific financial and technical needs of the co-ownership and its inhabitants.
The ACCEO Global Technical Diagnosis, used as a key management tool, will optimise the management and enhancement of the building by applying a key principle: value for money.


To uphold our commitment, the methods applied must ensure an accurate evaluation, going above and beyond a simple assessment of the overall cost of conservation work.

The ACCEO Global Technical Diagnosis is therefore made up of a needs analysis, an evaluation of previous assessments and inspections, and an on-site audit. This focus on three different areas allows us to survey all the existing problems within the building and classify them in a single document.

For each problem, the different types of work (mandatory, necessary, preventative and improvement) will be analysed and prioritised according to urgency and paired with a cost estimate.

ACCEO's Global Technical Diagnosis allows co-ownerships to plan, prioritise and optimise the work to be carried out over the next 10 years.

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