Opportunity Study 

Lift installation to improve disabled access in social buildings

Over the past 15 years, disabled accessibility has become a major social issue: making everywhere accessible to everyone and allowing people with disabilities to access the same services as everybody else. 

Coercive and incentive policies have been put in place, ranging from required work to the allocation of financial aid.
As established by law no. 2001-1247, article 1391.C of the French General Tax Code allows owners of public housing to obtain a rebate on their property tax for developed property when they carry out work to improve the accessibility of their building for people with disabilities.

In this context, the number one way to improve accessibility in a multi-storey building is to install a lift. Although it represents a significant investment, this solution significantly improves the comfort, safety and accessibility of the building.


In order to identify the buildings on your property where lift installation or modernisation would be appropriate, we have created an opportunity study to evaluate lifts and improve accessibility. 

This technical and financial assessment takes into account the improvements to disabled access offered by the lift(s) installed and identifies the property tax rebates that the social housing owners can obtain (General Tax Code art.1391.C).

It helps you to identify the buildings in which a lift would be advantageous and could be installed at a minimal cost.


     The ACCEO Elevation opportunity study includes: 

    • an on-site audit,
    • technical surveys: accessibility (from the road to the building door), existing staircases (access, levels, dimensions, etc.),
    • An opportunity analysis via a summary table classifying the most suitable sites to be equipped with a lift. They are classified according to an investment analysis index: the ratio between the financial investment required (taking into account the potential property tax rebate), the benefits to the greatest number of people and the rate of improvement of accessibility.
    • ACCEO Elevation's opinion and a budgetary overview of the cost of the planned work,
    • A provisional schedule.

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