Energy Engineering & HVAC Engineering

Improve the financial and energy performance of your buildings.

As a thermal engineering firm, ACCEO Energy (formerly E2C) is an independent specialist dedicated to the energy performance of existing buildings. It is made up of two key areas: Energy Engineering & HVAC Engineering.

Since 2010, our thermal engineers and HVAC experts have offered advice and support regarding the energy optimisation of your buildings. They will be with you for every step of your project, from energy auditing to the acceptance of the work, bringing their expertise to co-ownerships, shared buildings, public access and commercial buildings.

ACCEO Energy's primary objectives are reduced energy consumption, lower operating costs, improved occupant comfort, compliance with regulations and increasing the value of our customers' property.

Our Energy Efficiency projects range from comprehensive energy and architectural auditing to energy project management, to energy auditing for buildings and large companies, to Global Technical Diagnoses. 

Our HVAC projects range from boiler room auditing to monitoring the operations of heating installations, to renegotiating operating and energy supply contracts, assessment of heat cost allocators, individual boiler viability studies and HVAC project management.

We use the highest-performing tools for our work, allowing us to offer dynamic energy audits that guarantee an accuracy of ±5% in terms of future energy and financial gains, as well as access to our online Pandora Energy© management platform.

As an energy engineering firm, ACCEO is OPQIBI certified and has been named a Recognised Guarantor of the Environment. This distinction is awarded to professionals who provide smart services that contribute to the improvement of the energy performance of buildings and renewable energy installations.

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  • Savills

    Good communication, listened to our needs.

    - Savills -

    I appreciated the responsiveness of Mr C. and his associates. ACCEO's services played an essential role in the smooth operation of the initial voting process and the subsequent work.

    - PICHET -
  • Vallogis

    Very good communication, sense of trust, professional contributors, quality work.

    - Vallogis -
  • Logirem

    ACCEO Energy's methods exceeded our expectations.
    Their thorough work allowed them to provide straightforward and accurate recommendations.

    - Logirem -
  • Citya Béranger

    Quality work, highly appreciated by the members of the Co-ownership Board, the residents and our service team. We would use ACCEO again.

    - Citya Béranger -
  • Henri Duffaut Hospital

    The quality of your service is undeniable!

    - Henri Duffaut Hospital -
  • Cabinet SGI

    Very professional engineers.

    - Cabinet SGI -
  • Cabinet Morel & Henry

    Attentive, professional, rigorous.

    - Cabinet Morel & Henry -
  • Cabinet Auriol

    Given my positive opinion, I have nothing more to add.

    - Cabinet Auriol -
  • Alizés Immobilier

    The professionalism and availability of the Montpellier team was greatly appreciated!!!

    - Alizés Immobilier -
  • Nexity – Mérignac

    The energy audit of Association Mérignac Ville was carried out by ACCEO with a focus on quality, professionalism, attentiveness, availability and interpersonal skills.

    - Nexity – Mérignac -

Technical team

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ACCEO Energy includes an independent specialised technical team who are entirely devoted to their activities.

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    Pascal DELEUZE

    Energy Engineering Sales Manager

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    Mickael TERROM

    Energy Business Director

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    HMNOP Architect

On a local level, the ACCEO Energy's technical teams are made up of thermal engineers and HVAC engineers.

The thermal engineers, having earned a Master's degree, specialise in building energy efficiency and renewable energy, which allows them to carry out and analyse technical studies, including dynamic thermal simulations and calculations.

The HVAC engineers specialise in heating and air conditioning, assessing the boiler room and controlling its operation until the work is accepted.

They all have more than 5 years' professional experience in the field of energy efficiency, and they constantly strive to stay up to date with the various technical developments and solutions.

Over the last 7 years, they have completed hundreds of projects, and audited over 3500 buildings.

Their knowledge and ability to take the specific features of each sector and each building into account make ACCEO Energy a major player in the field of energy efficiency.

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