Programmed Accessibility Agenda

Optimised scheduling of your accessibility work


  • To identify crossovers between routine work and accessibility work,
  • To optimise the expenses linked to disabled access,
  • To predict and manage the accessibility adaptation budget,
  • To choose the right work at the right price

For ACCEO Accessibility, the accessibility adaptation of your buildings has always been part of a wider process.
Our accessibility experts will support you throughout the entire your accessibility project, from auditing to the acceptance of the work, including the planning and implementation of your Programmed Accessibility Agenda.

ACCEO's Programmed Accessibility Agenda services include the creation of an accessibility adaptation plan in accordance with regulations, thereby providing an extension to allow you to optimise your work. The plan includes:

  • Reprocessed accessibility data and an inventory,
  • Updates to existing audits,
  • An overview of the property data,
  • An overarching strategy.

Acceo Accessibility

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