Ongoing Operations Monitoring

Professional management and optimisation for your lifts

Although lifts represents a major source of expenditure for a building, they also play a vital role in its operation.
To ensure peace of mind for owners, managers and users, while also limiting the operating and maintenance costs for the lifts, we provide ongoing monitoring for lift maintenance.

We offer constant support for the management of your lifts and service providers.


  • To guarantee the safety of the lifts,
  • To ensure regulatory compliance,
  • To improve reliability,
  • To improve lift availability and the service offered to users,
  • To approve the maintenance carried out by your service provider and compliance with the contractual clauses,
  • To optimise each expense and minimise financial costs.


To meet these objectives, ACCEO has developed a set of proven methods and tools:

  • Implementation of the operating contract,
  • A report detailing the lift characteristics and dating the main components,
  • Evaluation of the lift installation and maintenance (contradictory inventory, assessing the compliance of the installation, maintenance audit),
  • Analysis of maintenance indicators (monitoring maintenance visits, monitoring and assessing work requests, calculation of possible penalties, carrying out the annual review of the operating contract).

  • Technical assistance for recurring breakdowns,
  • Monitoring the removal of reservations,
  • Technical and financial evaluation of estimates,
  • Information and communication (user information, meetings with service providers, submission of an annual report, etc.),
  • Access to Pandora Lift.

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