The ACCEO Adventure

Develop your potential

Joining the ACCEO Group is a reflection of your personality. This multitude of personalities is what sets us apart from the crowd.

Working with ACCEO means:

 - Innovation - Creating new challenges every day to offer the best services,
 - Advancement - Constantly progressing towards new goals, new skills and new ambitions,
 - Involvement - Because talent is everywhere, every associate can take the floor to suggest their ideas and play a role in the development of the company,
 - Sharing - Honesty, transparency and sharing are the fundamental values behind all our relationships,
 - Satisfaction - Recognition and pride in the quality of the services,
 - Enjoying the experience of working together.

Our shared history starts with your very first job.
We give you the means to develop your potential on a personalised long-term career path, supporting you through changes of position, profession or geographical location.
At ACCEO, we are invested in every one of our associates. We believe that the performance of our company is directly linked to individual development and fulfilment.
Working with ACCEO means working for a growing, dynamic, motivational and transparent company with a personal touch, where quality is the primary focus.
Our motto: Expert Opinions are Worth a Million.
We need you to take on a variety of challenges in France and abroad!

induction & career path

Make progress and connections...

For the ACCEO Group's management team, the induction process is the key to success. Each associate is given a variety of opportunities to make progress and connections:

Upon arrival, new arrivals undergo a comprehensive training programme adapted to their position. It brings together our jobs, tools, methods and objectives for a true understanding of the ACCEO state of mind.

Each recruit is accompanied by a coach throughout their trial period to show them the ins and outs of the company. Thanks to this support, 98% of trial periods end in employment.

Training sessions are organised throughout the year to allow everyone to develop their skills and acquire new ones. These training courses cover technical, administrative, interpersonal, managerial and/or commercial subject areas.

Each month, your team will come together for a more informal meeting to share ideas and information.

To train up the talent of tomorrow, we welcome a group of apprentices and interns every year. The best become our associates.

Our jobs

By the people who put it best


What surprises you the most at ACCEO?

  • Camille G

    Positive atmosphere in the office, availability and attentiveness. Ongoing training. 

    - Camille G -
  • Florent J

    Their responsiveness and adaptability are incredible advantages over a larger organisation. 

    - Florent J -
  • Theresa S

    Rapid communication and close ties with the regional, commercial and technical directors. Communicating with the people at the branch and headquarters was extremely easy.

    - Theresa S -
  • Christophe G

    Quality induction processes, training and methods.

    - Christophe G -
  • Pierre V

    Real communication between the associates and feedback on the quality of work in order to resolve issues and keep evolving.

    - Pierre V -
  • Didier L

    Rapid decision-making and advanced internal computer tools.

    - Didier L -
  • Christophe P

    Organisation, group cohesion, availability.

    - Christophe P -
  • Audrey E

    General transparency (strategy, decisions, communications). ACCEO's trust in their employees is both valuable and rare. The communication within the company is excellent, facilitating the induction process.

    - Audrey E -
  • Franck K

    The office staff are both friendly and professional.

    - Franck K -
  • Lara G

    Each project and initiative is well-thought-out.

    - Lara G -