Energy Project Management & Project Management Assistance

A to Z management for your energy retrofitting projects


To guarantee a smooth energy retrofit, to ensure compliance and to guarantee an optimal return on your investment, ACCEO Energy provides technical project management assistance and energy project management.

From the preliminary energy audit to the acceptance of the work, from drafting tender documents to selecting the service provider and building site management, we are committed to providing a quality service, achieving our objectives and complying with regulations.

    your needs/our objectives

    • To approve achievable energy savings and solutions to be implemented,
    • To evaluate the national and local support on offer and the steps to be taken,
    • To define a specific plan of work to be carried out (technical, aesthetic and organisational),
    • To choose the right service providers and materials at the right price,
    • To monitor and approve the technical requirements in relation to the energy savings laid out in the audit,
    • To facilitate access and dialogue,
    • To guarantee quality work completed within the given deadlines,
    • To monitor the execution of the work,
    • To ensure the expected results.


    For energy retrofitting, ACCEO puts a dedicated and experienced project team at your disposal. This team will support you from the audit phase to the acceptance of the work. It is made up of a consulting engineer, a thermal engineer, an architect, an HVAC advisor and a technical assistant.

    Our work includes contributing to the energy retrofit project implementation plan, drafting the tender documents and evaluating the tenders, as well as site management, monitoring and acceptance.

    • Phase 1: Definition of the project implementation plan, 
    • Phase 2: Tender documents, Tender consultations and evaluation,
    • Phase 3: Site management, monitoring and acceptance
    The team will carry out an infrared thermography study during and after the works to check that all the critical points have been treated (hydraulic couplings, thermal bridges, etc.).

    We will continue to provide energy project management services until the work is accepted.


    To guarantee the Project Owner that the post-work energy performance of their building will be in line with predictions, allowing them to invest in energy improvement works with the promise of real savings, ACCEO established an "Energy Performance Commitment".

    Throughout every project, from the preliminary energy audit to the acceptance of the work, to energy consumption tracking and heating operation monitoring, we guarantee the achievement of the objectives set in terms of reduced consumption and financial savings.

    This commitment is a reflection of the quality of our energy management methods, the precision of our evaluations, and our experts' abilities, allowing us to ensure the profitability of your energy improvement work and increase the value of your property.
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