... Powered by remarkable men and women

Starting in 2003 with ACCEO Lift (formerly A2C), one of our company's original departments, the ACCEO Group has grown into a market leader. Driven by more than 10 years of 2-digit growth, our success is a reflection of the success of each of our associates.

Our company includes 16 branches in France and 2 branches in the rest of Europe

Achieving a turnover of €20 million for 200 employees, our company is driven by skilled associates who make our development and performance goals a reality every day. 

Built on a stronger foundation than a start-up and with much more flexibility than a large group, our company is young, dynamic, innovative, with exciting projects taking shape in every department every day
Tomorrow, these projects could be yours. 


Transparency, independence, honesty, innovation, proximity.

ACCEO is powered by the men and women who keep it running every day. Our goal is to reconcile economic success with our values: Transparency, Independence, Honesty, Professionalism, Innovation, Proximity, and Objectivity.

Strong values that drive us and guide how we work and interact. They allow us to achieve our daily goals, meet our customers' needs and provide a solid and supportive framework for each of our associates. Because employee satisfaction and wellbeing come first, we support them in delivering quality services, backed by the principles of conduct and ethics. So that everyone can take pride in their achievements...  

It is very important to us that our employees, working in close collaboration, are all committed to a common goal: developing and maintaining a business model based on quality work, looking beyond immediate profits.

We therefore allocate a training budget equivalent to 6% of the total payroll. We support our associates through quality training, from when they join the group and throughout their careers, allowing them to develop the necessary skills to achieve this common goal and hold the key to their own success.

wellbeing at work

ACCEO, A Great Place to Work

Thanks to our unconventional company culture and our desire to put wellbeing and satisfaction at the forefront of our success, ACCEO was certified as a Great Place to Work in 2017!

The Great Place to Work® Programme is the highest level of recognition regarding the quality of a company's work environment. The programme is active in 57 countries around the world. The Great Place to Work certificate recognises the best workplaces. 

More than just a certificate and a great source of pride, this recognition plays a significant role in maintaining a positive and pro-active approach: constantly seeking new ideas to keep our associates and company moving in the right direction.


I am proud to work for ACCEO.


I have a great deal of responsibility. 


I would definitely recommend ACCEO to friends and family.


2017 Malakoff Médéric survey of all ACCEO employees.

what sets us apart

for an appealing company culture

Since its creation, the ACCEO Group has wanted to be as one with its employees. This is why we have implemented tools and systems that allow us to strengthen our company culture.

An attractive compensation system. Because recognition plays a vital role in creating a work environment where employees feel appreciated for their efforts, we offer a motivational compensation system that rewards results and commitment. Customer satisfaction, an important criterion in our incentive agreements, is a major priority, allowing us to increase bonuses.

Executive shareholding. The majority of executives are ACCEO Group shareholders. They play a role in strategic decisions and are dedicated to the group's shared success.

COMEX 30 - Executive committee of representatives under 30. Made up of 6 members, this committee discusses the same issues as the Board of Directors. It provides a different perspective on strategic decisions and encourages young talent. The committee also drives the commitment to modernity that sets us apart.

Company Social Network. The ACCEO Group has offered a company social network since 2016. It ensures fast and simple communication, promotes innovation and facilitates collaboration.

Happiness Ambassadors. Demonstrating our commitment to employee wellbeing, the "Chief Happiness Officer" project was launched in early 2017, aimed at improving employee wellbeing by allowing them to organise activities that bring joy into the workplace. 1 ambassador is elected per branch every year, provided with a monthly budget to bring happiness to their colleagues.

Extra days off. No need to come into work on your birthday, and 1-2 long weekends every year.