Accessibility Guidelines

Define consistent solutions & save money.

Each project owner typically owns a variety of public access buildings and facilities with diverse attributes: types of activities, sizes of buildings and facilities, dates of construction and renovation, equipment, levels of comfort, etc.
To make their property accessible, improvements to the built environment are essential in order to better meet the needs of users and customers with disabilities. The technical, functional, aesthetic and budgetary constraints defined by the project owner also play a vital role. 
A successful accessibility adaptation project is founded on the implementation of simple, consistent and coherent solutions.

To optimise the implementation of accessibility work, ACCEO offers accessibility guidelines. Created for each individual property, the ACCEO guidelines list all the solutions to be implemented in terms of the nonconformities encountered, allowing the project owner to:

  • define consistent accessibility solutions for recurring situations so that they can be applied across the entire project by the various stakeholders in the accessibility project (project manager, companies in charge the work, control authorities, etc.).
  • bring together the technical, regulatory, operational, aesthetic and budgetary constraints provided by the project owner for well-thought-out accessibility adaptations,
  • generate economies of scale.
In terms of property management, accessibility guidelines are a useful tool in overseeing accessibility work.

Acceo Accessibility

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