Energy Audit

Analyse the energy consumption of your building

Today, buildings are responsible for more than 40% of Europe's energy consumption. Their environmental impact and financial burden are therefore very important to consumers. This impact has been steadily increasing since the early 2000s, when the price of energy increased exponentially. 

Finding suitable optimisation solutions to reduce energy consumption is now an essential part of building management, and is even mandatory in certain situations.

In this context, an energy audit is the first step in analysing your building's energy consumption, in order to: 

  • identify the greatest sources of energy loss, 
  • find cost-effective solutions,
  • estimate future energy and financial savings before carrying out any work


The ACCEO energy assessment allows you to:
  • Comply with regulations,
  • Optimise the building's energy consumption, 
  • Reduce the costs linked to energy consumption, 
  • Minimise the environmental impact.
Save on energy consumption and increase the value of your property.


Because buildings are unique (geographic location, orientation, age, problems, uses, etc.) and lose energy in different places, only accurate thermal calculations can identify the most cost-effective work, i.e. the work that offers maximum energy savings for minimal investments. 
Choosing a quality energy audit means being able to identify the best solutions to ensure value for money!
Energy improvement works quickly pay for themselves if they are carried out where the energy losses are greatest.

    To achieve these energy audit objectives, ACCEO Energy has developed a method based on 3 key elements:
  • carrying out a detailed assessment of energy consumption factors (thermal performance of the building envelope, heating, air conditioning, domestic hot water, electrical installations, ventilation, lighting, lifts, etc.),
  • analysing buildings using the most accurate thermal simulations (hourly Dynamic or Static simulations).
  • suggesting quantitative solutions to create a plan of energy saving work to be carried out.
  • This method allows us to guarantee the most accurate and relevant results.

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