Accessibility Project Management & Project Management Assistance

For controlled and optimised accessibility work

To respond to the specific features of an accessibility project (multiple stakeholders, great deal of finishing work, repeated operations, limited time, etc.), a pragmatic approach is essential. 

ACCEO Accessibility therefore offers both Accessibility Project Management and Project Management Assistance services, to oversee the work from launch to acceptance. 


  • Accurate and reliable decision-making tools,
  • Straightforward communication,
  • A responsive and available technical representative,
  • Financial savings and shorter time frames,
  • Peace of mind regarding the implementation of the project,
  • A well-defined final result.


Whether we are providing accessibility project management or project management assistance, we will follow the same essential stages to ensure your project runs smoothly:

Project launch & support for the implementation strategy:

  • Presentation of the project plan and representatives,
  • Analysis of specific needs,
  • Presentation of different potential strategies,
  • Selection of the reporting method.

Accessibility studies & design:

  • Creation of accessibility guidelines,
  • Site survey & viability study,
  • Obtaining authorisations and preparation of files for administrative procedures,
  • Consultations and selection of service providers to carry out the work. 

Accessibility work:

  • Approval of chosen products and/or technical solutions,
  • Site launch meetings,
  • Site monitoring,
  • Acceptance of the work,
  • Monitoring the removal of reservations.

Monitoring the implementation of the Accessibility Program:

  • Overseeing the progress of the Accessibility Program,
  • Updating the monitoring indicators on the dashboard,

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