Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey

Comply with regulations & Optimise your work

The French Public Health and Labour Codes seek to protect the health of people who live, move or work in buildings where materials and products containing asbestos are present.

The measures are targeted at buildings for which the building permit was filed before 1 July 1997, aiming to identify materials containing asbestos before any work is carried out. 
The objective is to inform and protect residents and stakeholders in the event that asbestos is present. 

During demolition work, the project owner should organise asbestos risk prevention measures before the companies start work. They must therefore entrust the Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey to a certified asbestos professional, also known as an Auditor.

The identification of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACM) must extend to all buildings impacted by the demolition. Compliance with the NF X 46-020 standard covers all buildings and identification methods.

The pre-demolition asbestos survey report is then attached to the tender documents or sent to future stakeholders for reference purposes. It is also shared with the Health and Safety Coordinator in the name of risk prevention.


To guarantee peace of mind and optimise the management of asbestos in relation to planned demolitions, we have established a proven method, in compliance with the NF X 46-020 standard and based on 3 key services:

  • A preliminary asbestos assessment,
  • Testing of materials that are likely to contain asbestos using sounding and samples to be sent to the COFRAC laboratory,
  • The preparation of a report listing all the analysed materials (presence of asbestos, extent) with plans, sketches and photos,
The ACCEO Pre-Demolition Asbestos Survey allows for a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the area affected by asbestos, compliance with regulations and a safe, efficient and optimised demolition programme in light of the asbestos problem.


The presence of asbestos-containing materials typically triggers additional costs and work delays. 

To limit these technical and financial difficulties and guarantee the safety of all stakeholders, ACCEO Asbestos has established a proven identification strategy. 

The ACCEO Asbestos Auditor will lay out the planned identification operations on both a quantitative and qualitative basis to define the scope of the project and to ensure the accuracy of the surveys (testing method, analysis and location).

    For example, when a sample needs to be tested, unlike bulk sampling, a specific sampling process (by layer of material) allows us to limit our work to the material(s) affected by asbestos. 

    In terms of insulation, often only the outer layer contains asbestos, which calls for level 1 protection (light), while processing insulation that is entirely contaminated with asbestos calls for level 3 protection (containment, decontamination units, etc.).

    ACCEO's approach allows for the selection of the most suitable work method, as well as the most technically and financially optimised technique.

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