Lift Traffic Analysis

Optimise the pedestrian flow within your buildings

The means of transport within a building are an essential element in ensuring user safety, staff responsiveness and ease of movement.

For a building to be efficient in terms of pedestrian traffic, the means of traffic must be smooth, functional, fast and secure.

Lifts must be accurately positioned and calibrated to provide ease of use and optimal travel flexibility: reduced waiting times, improved comfort.


To meet these performance needs, ACCEO Elevation has created their Lift Traffic Analysis system. The ideal tool to optimise the vertical transportation in your building.
In both existing and proposed buildings, the lift traffic analysis is used to asses user behaviour and identify and quantify pedestrian flows to virtually populate the building. Several key objectives are fundamental in ensuring smooth daily operation:
  • optimising the use of the installations,
  • improving pedestrian flow in the buildings,
  • reducing unavailability and planning for operation in degraded mode,
  • minimising the costs linked to the installations.
The lift traffic analysis is a useful decision-making tool in choosing the right vertical transportation for the identified needs and the dedicated budget. 
It will evaluate the need to modernise existing equipment or install new equipment.
Finally, lift traffic analysis is also the perfect tool for predicting and distributing the flow while work is being carried out, in order to provide users with acceptable vertical transportation.


Conducted by an ACCEO Elevation Consultant, the ACCEO lift traffic analysis consists of 3 essential steps:

  • Analysis of the existing situation using documents, interviews and surveys,
  • Computer modelling of the installation using Elevate 8.15,
  • Study of improvement/optimisation strategies with a quantitative assessment of each solution (4 objective comparison criteria).
The ACCEO lift traffic analysis has been used on more than 500 installations to date, and this experience has been used to improve its accuracy. 
Each of our analyses can be adapted to the specific features of the building in question thanks to the use of relevant data for each site.

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