Strategic Asbestos Assessment

Anticipate and optimise your asbestos management

The presence of asbestos in a building introduces a wide variety of constraints. Technical and regulatory constraints during construction work, financial constraints, delays.

In order to minimise these constraints, ensure peace of mind and optimise the management of the asbestos in your building, we created our Strategic Asbestos Assessment.

ACCEO's Strategic Asbestos Assessment allows for a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the property in terms of the asbestos problem, compliance with regulations, to anticipate the future actions to be implemented and to significantly reduce the asbestos-related costs.


Our asbestos assessment is created to establish the technical and regulatory context that will impact the proposed work on a property due to the suspected or confirmed presence of asbestos.

After the asbestos audit, we will research and develop an asbestos work strategy for the affected property or building with the project owner. 

The Asbestos strategy is designed to optimise the methods, strategies and costs associated with asbestos.


    Our asbestos audit is based on 5 key services

    • Description and analysis of the property in question,
    • Visits to the affected sites with the project owner,
    • Defining the scope of scheduled or planned works,
    • Review of any existing reports.
    • Creation of a work strategy.


    The ACCEO asbestos audit provides:
    • A list of asbestos-containing materials and products (ACMs),
    • The location of said materials and products,
    • The extent of the materials and products,
    • An opinion on the protective measures to be put in place, if necessary,
    • Analysis of the conditions for the planned work, including the processing of asbestos in light of the observations and analyses.
    • Possible methods,
    • The cost of the asbestos operations,
    • The advantages and disadvantages of each method,
    • Possible work strategies.


    Thanks to the research and testing of our R&D departments, we have access to more than one hundred analysis reports for the site test processes that can be applied during renovation work. 

    These processes allow us to determine and optimise the cost of work in areas containing asbestos.

    Our experts will explain their strategy to the project owner at a meeting, as well as providing them with a comprehensive report.

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