Heating Operation Monitoring

Optimising the operation and maintenance of your heating installations

In the present climate, the energy performance of buildings is a very important issue. There are several key factors at play: Environmental protection - Increased property value - Improved occupant comfort - Sustainable financial savings.

Every year, energy prices increase by an average of 6%. Finding the right solutions for your site will allow you to considerably reduce your costs. The solution can be as simple as improving the existing framework.

Managing and optimising the performance of your HVAC system can be a source of considerable energy and financial savings in several areas:
  • The contents of the heating contract,
  • Monitoring the service provider,
  • Setting targets,
  • System performance improvements,
  • Equipment adaptations,
  • Change of energy supplier, etc.


To optimise the performance of a heating system, it must undergo regular and effective maintenance. Ensuring that the provisions of the operating contract are being correctly implemented is therefore absolutely essential. This is the objective that drives ACCEO's Operation Monitoring service. It allows you to optimise the performance of your installations while minimising their financial costs. This monitoring is based on 4 key elements:

  • Technical monitoring
  • Objective: to support the service provider in a process of continuous energy improvement by seeking to constantly improve the operation of the equipment.
    Technical meeting, auditing, visit report and list of reservations regarding the service provider's responsibilities.
  • Technical and financial evaluation of work estimates
  • Analysing estimates on a technical and financial basis. Objective: to evaluate the suitability and accuracy of every offer and rationalise each expense. 
  • Economic and financial monitoring
  • ACCEO will check all invoices at the end of the heating period. We will also evaluate the contract and draft any amendments (adjustment of targets, cost revision, changes to the scope, removal of a tariff index, etc.) on an annual basis.
  • Annual report
  • An annual operation report is created each year at the end of the heating period. This report provides an accurate overview of the management and operation of the installations in order to identify the difficulties encountered and the improvements to be made. It includes an energy assessment, a financial assessment, an administrative assessment, a technical assessment, a regulatory assessment and the visit reports.

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