Lifts & Vertical transportation

A to Z project management, from design to handover

As an engineering firm specialising in lift design, ACCEO Elevation (formerly A9C) makes all your installation projects for lifts, escalators and travelators a reality.

In charge of over 1000 completed projects over the course of the past 4 years, ACCEO Elevation works in new or existing buildings, installing and replacing lifts or escalators. The ACCEO Elevation engineers will be at your side from A to Z, providing expertise and support from preliminary studies to handover.

Our goal is to provide you specialised and independent expertise in the technical and financial planning of a tailor-made solution.

Because we know that initial accuracy is tied to final performance, our services are driven by cutting-edge technology, including the ELEVATE 8.17 software for lift traffic analysis. Combined with our on-site survey methods, this software allows us to accurately simulate pedestrian flows (present or future) and the impact of installations in your buildings. These tools and models allow us to adapt and optimise future installations to meet your needs and even predict their operation in degraded mode during work on the lifts.

BIM design (building information modelling) is carried out in-house using Revit software. The methods we have developed allow for the effective exchange of information with other members of the design team. Our modelling includes both 3D models and technical data directly linked to the equipment in question.

Every project is conducted by a dedicated consultant, who follows it through to completion. Our consultants are trained to have a comprehensive understanding of the latest technical developments, such as predestination control systems, regenerative drives, and multi-cabin systems. They are able to calculate the energy performance of lifts and escalators according to the latest ISO 25745-2 standards. The 2016 Breeam evaluation requires this method to grant the 2 possible credits for lift certification.

Our core tasks include Lift Traffic Analysis and Flow Modelling, Viability Studies, Work Consultations, Site Management, Project Management, and for installations or replacements of lifts, escalators and travelators.

Our creations

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Your satisfaction at the heart of our concerns

  • Clermont Ferrand Airport

    Thorough and competent representatives. Well done!

    - Clermont Ferrand Airport -
  • Gironde habitat

    The representatives are very involved, professional and competent. Thank you!!!

    - Gironde habitat -
  • EDF

    Impressive knowledge and expertise!!

    - EDF -
  • Bourges National School of Art

    Without going into too much detail, the service provided met our expectations perfectly...

    - Bourges National School of Art -
  • Henri Duffaut Hospital

    The quality of your service is undeniable!

    - Henri Duffaut Hospital -
  • Saint Malo Hospital

    We were completely satisfied with ACCEO Lift's auditing, work scheduling and monitoring of services regarding the compliance of the lifts at Saint Malo hospital.

    - Saint Malo Hospital -
  • Lannion Hospital

    The Lift team were extremely cohesive, from auditing to preparing for consultations, and from assessing the tenders to monitoring the site.

    - Lannion Hospital -
  • Cabinet Henry

    The quality and availability of their representatives was greatly appreciated.

    - Cabinet Henry -
  • Alizés Immobilier

    The professionalism and availability of the Montpellier team was greatly appreciated!!!

    - Alizés Immobilier -
  • Immobilière 3F

    ACCEO Elevation completed each of our projects to perfection.

    - Immobilière 3F -
  • René PLEVEN Hospital

    Remarkable skills and project management assistance.

    - René PLEVEN Hospital -
  • Vitré  Hospital

    Based on my personal experience with a wide range of service providers, I noted three qualities that really set ACCEO Lift apart: responsiveness, commitment and the quality of the work.

    - Vitré Hospital -

Technical team

for expertise that goes above and beyond

To meet your expectations and deliver high-quality services, ACCEO Elevation includes an independent specialised management team:

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    Aymeric CREGUT

    Elevation Business Director

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    ACCEO Elevation Business Manager

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    Sami MAAREF

    ACCEO Elevation Production Manager

On a local level, the ACCEO Elevation consultants team are made up of technical engineers. They all have more than 3 years' professional experience in the field of lifts. The team is growing steadily with the arrival of new experienced consultants, who undergo in-house training on ACCEO's methods and processes.

Under the supervision of the Technical Management team, they constantly strive to stay up to date with the various technical developments and solutions. Based on a solid foundation of continuous training, the ACCEO Elevation team have a comprehensive understanding of lifts and advancements in the field.

Acceo Elevation

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