PMT – Physical Measure Technologies

The number one device to measure the performance of your installation.

After the installation of a lift or the completion of major modernisation works, it is easy to check if the finished work corresponds to the plans in terms of visible features, including colour, dimensions, the width of the door opening, etc.

However, it can be more difficult to evaluate the correct configuration of certain parameters, such as the acceleration and deceleration speeds, as well as the movement of the cabin.

Nevertheless, these parameters do have a direct and fundamental impact on user comfort, performance, consumption and the wear on the elements that make up your lifts.

We therefore employ a comprehensive tool to measure the operation of your equipment during acceptance operations: the PMT EVA-625 from Physical Measure Technologies.


A state-of-the-art professional tool, the PMT provides a detailed analysis of lift operations to ensure that the original requirements and commitments undertaken by the lift company have been met.

  • optimal adjustment and operation of the lift
  • user comfort 
  • reliability and longevity of the installation


The PMT allows for the measurement of technical operating data as well as factors relating to comfort:

  • travel speed
  • lift acceleration
  • lift deceleration
  • door opening/closing times 
  • vibrations and jolts
  • noise level of the lift and its doors

The measurements are taken by placing the PMT in the cabin for a complete lift cycle, from when the doors start closing until they have finished opening. The cycle covers complete return trips with several intermediate stops.

The ACCEO engineer analyses and monitors the progress of each step of the journey and then uses the data recorded by the device to provide their own conclusions and recommendations.

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