Complete Accessibility Overhaul

Town of Gennevilliers

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Town of Gennevilliers


Complete Overhaul 





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Project objectives

Having filed a Programmed Accessibility Agenda on 24 October 2016 for 175 establishments, the town of Gennevilliers chose ACCEO to carry out the accessibility adaptations on the buildings in question.
The primary objective of this project was to support technical directors through all issues relating to the regulations, as well as the various administrative steps to follow.
Acceo was therefore able to bring its extensive knowledge to several different tasks: Assistance during the analysis phase (example: drafting accessibility guidelines), assistance during the construction phase (example: site meetings) and monitoring of the Programmed Accessibility Agenda (example: drafting of the yearly review for each building or the introduction of Access'manager).

Our responsiveness and the quality of our projections allowed us to fulfil the customer's requests for additional services, such as accessibility training for people in public-facing roles and the development of accessibility registers.