Pandora Ascenseur

Pandora Accessibility©

A single application for monitoring the accessibility adaptation of your property

ACCEO Accessibility presents its application for managing and monitoring the accessibility adaptations to your property: PandoraAccessibility©. Developed by the IT department and tailored to your property, this application can be accessed directly via an internet link to simplify your data management. PandoraAccessibility© offers a clear and detailed overview of all your buildings by logging in to www.pandora-accessibilité

Allowing us to digitise and classify all the documents relating to your buildings, this application also ties in with our environmental commitment and facilitates your document management.

Free to use, logging in to PandoraAccessibility© is fast, easy and secure.

Organised in several tabs, PandoraAccessibility© gives you access to all the information related to the accessibility of your establishments:

  • Referencing and location of all public access buildings/facilities,
  • Editable Accessibility File for each public access building/facility,
  • Work plan,
  • Completed work,
  • General status of your property,
  • Graphs and percentages updated in real time,
  • Public communication interface,
  • Document platform,
  • Comprehensive review in Excel format,

Designed for ease of use, PandoraAccessibility© is a unique online management tool that allows you to:

  • import all the data collected in the Programmed Accessibility Agenda to make it easy to access and use,
  • access a wide range of information,
  • see the general status of your property,
  • update the completed accessibility adaptations and allocated budgets in real time,
  • consolidate your data for a clear overview of the progress of your Programmed Accessibility Agenda,
  • store large documents to facilitate the sharing of information between different stakeholders (project owner/external service providers, etc.).