Pandora Ascenseur

Pandora Lift©

A single application for managing your lifts with total peace of mind

ACCEO Lift presents its lift management application: PandoraLift©. Developed by the IT department and tailored to your lifts, this application can be accessed directly via an internet link to simplify your data management. PandoraLift© offers a clear and detailed overview of your equipment by simply logging in to

Allowing us to digitise and classify all the documents relating to your installations, this application also ties in with our environmental commitment and facilitates your document management.

Free to use, logging in to PandoraLift© is fast, easy and secure.

    Once our work is complete, PandoraLift© will give you access to all the information regarding your equipment (Lifts/Escalators/Automatic Doors) in just a few clicks:

  • Equipment details (address, location, contacts, service provider, etc.),
  • Technical characteristics,
  • Regulatory compliance,
  • Possible estimates,
  • Operating contracts (type, service provider and contact details for their representative, start and end dates, notice, billing amount, etc.),
  • Observations (description, type, status, etc.),
  • Incidents and technical malfunctions,
  • Service providers,
  • Your documents (operating contracts, regulatory controls, maintenance audits, assessments, estimates and evaluations from maintenance service providers, any other specific documents).

      Designed for ease of use, PandoraLift© is a unique online management tool that allows you to:

    • import all the data regarding your equipment into Excel to make it easy to access and use,
    • access a wide range of information,
    • monitor changes to your equipment in real time,
    • store important documents to facilitate the sharing of information,
    • customise email alerts for simplified monitoring,
    • create specific secure access.