Quality Commitment

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal

Since its creation, the ACCEO Group has been committed to a proactive policy of quality and respect for the environment.

As a founder, I consider myself responsible for this QE (Quality and Environment) policy, and I will continue to ensure that customer satisfaction remains our company's priority, as well as improving our overall environmental performance.

Our QE commitments allow us to achieve the following objectives on our customers' behalf:

  • Written or digital documents, expert reports and detailed inspection reports,
  • Expert assessments and inspections over 3 weeks,
  • Compliance with a code of conduct and ethics,
  • Expert assessments and inspections over 3 weeks,
  • Management of our consumption of energy and raw materials,
  • Optimised waste management (IT consumables, e-waste, etc.).

The fact that the entire company is involved in the ISO 9001:2000 and ISO
14001:2004 certification process represents a tremendous asset, both in terms of quality and environmental conservation and in enhancing the performance and reputation of the ACCEO Group among our customers.

That is why I am committed to:

  • Updating our QE policy during each management review to best meet our customers' expectations and reduce the negative impacts of our company on the environment,
  • Allocating the necessary human and material resources to achieve our QE objectives,
  • Complying with every environmental protection regulation and making every effort to prevent possible pollution.
  • Collecting, measuring and analysing our results to allow us to continuously improve the services offered and the environmental actions undertaken,
  • Highlighting essential environmental ventures in each of our work specifications.

Our commitments will be broken down into quantified objectives that impact all of us, as well as the processes that define the company's operations. This ambitious project will only succeed if everyone is behind it.

I know I can count on the abilities, experience and motivation of all our associates.