ACCEO's 10 green commandments

For a company that is committed to environmental protection

1. Before leaving for lunch or in the evening, I will turn off the light in my office, 

2. I will adjust the air conditioning/heating according to the season: 25° in summer and 21° in winter, I will turn off the air conditioning/heating at the end of the day,

3. I will turn off my computer screen at the end of the day, I will set the sleep timer,

4. I will print emails only when absolutely necessary,

5. When printing documents, I will choose economical formats: double-sided, black and white and brochure mode,

6. I will use scrap paper for internal matters,

7. I will sort my rubbish,

8. I will send faxes from my computer,

9. For long trips, I will choose the least polluting modes of transport,

10. In the car, I will drive smoothly and at a moderate speed.