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Head of Agency


Recruitment process

equality in recruitment and selection

To support strong growth and maintain a high level of service. ACCEO follows a demanding and structured recruitment process.

The recruitment process:

Our requirements:

The group complies with selection and recruitment laws and is committed to gender equality.

ACCEO's three fundamental values are independence, conduct and ethics. These values are shared by each member of the ACCEO group, who sign our charter upon arrival.


What surprises you the most at ACCEO?

  • Camille G

    Positive atmosphere in the office, availability and attentiveness. Ongoing training. 

    - Camille G -
  • Florent J

    Their responsiveness and adaptability are incredible advantages over a larger organisation. 

    - Florent J -
  • Theresa S

    Rapid communication and close ties with the regional, commercial and technical directors. Communicating with the people at the branch and headquarters was extremely easy.

    - Theresa S -
  • Christophe G

    Quality induction processes, training and methods.

    - Christophe G -
  • Pierre V

    Real communication between the associates and feedback on the quality of work in order to resolve issues and keep evolving.

    - Pierre V -
  • Didier L

    Rapid decision-making and advanced internal computer tools.

    - Didier L -
  • Christophe P

    Organisation, group cohesion, availability.

    - Christophe P -
  • Audrey E

    General transparency (strategy, decisions, communications). ACCEO's trust in their employees is both valuable and rare. The communication within the company is excellent, facilitating the induction process.

    - Audrey E -
  • Franck K

    The office staff are both friendly and professional.

    - Franck K -
  • Lara G

    Each project and initiative is well-thought-out.

    - Lara G -